What do we do at the SUPER-Lab

In the SUPER-Lab we do research to explore new ways to design high frequency power electronics. We evaluate and design circuits and devices to switch at 10’s of MHz to reduce the size and volume of all passive components. We explore new ways to use piezo-electric devices to replace inductors, and find new applications for our converters.

Feel free to check our projects, publications, and reach out to me or the other lab members if you want to know more about our work.

Interested in the SUPER-Lab?

If your are interested in working with me at the SUPER-lab, please be mindful that I receive a large number of emails from prospective students asking me to evaluate their resumes and inquiring and about research assistantships in my group. Please do not be disappointed if I do not respond or respond only with a short email; I simply do not have the bandwidth to run my own admissions office. If you are interested in joining my group, your first step is to apply to our PhD program. I can then evaluate your folder during admissions season and see how you rank against the other applicants that are interested in joining my group. I tend to take on only 1-3 new students each year, and so I need to be selective and defer my evaluations and decisions until I see the entire pool of applicants in December/January. Thanks for your interest!

Sincere thanks to Sanghyeon Park for managing the SUPER-lab site through his Ph.D.

Juan Rivas

Associate Professor in Electrical Engineering

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