We appreciate the generous support of the following corporate sponsors, consortiums and government agencies.


 (Updated Oct. 2018)


Airbus: "Cellular Resonant Converters for Electric Transportation"
Daihen: "Designing a High-Efficiency RF Power Amplifier for Plasma Generation"
ON Semiconductor: "Test and Modeling of High-Frequency Coss-Hysteresis in Si and WBG Power Transistors"
Texas Instruments: "Compact Large-Ratio High Frequency DC-DC Converter"


Precourt Institute for Energy Seed Grant: "Transportation Electrification through Ubiquitous Wireless Charging"
SystemX Seed Grant: "Understanding the Potential of Wide-Bandgap Semiconductors"
TomKat Center Seed Grant: "Building the Power Electronics Cell"
NASA (collaboration with QorTek, Inc.): "Advanced High Frequency High Voltage Power Converter"
NSF: "High-Voltage High-Power-Density Power Electronics for Emerging Medical, Environmental, and Aerospace Applications"


Prof. Christine Charles, Australian National University
Prof. Jonathan Fan, Stanford University (Precourt Seed Grant)
Prof. Debbie Senesky, Stanford University (SystemX Seed Grant)
Prof. Jim Plummer, Stanford University (SystemX Seed Grant)